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Former KGB agent given boost of support from two MPs across party lines

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh and NDP MP Don Davies have formed a nonpartisan bond urging the federal government to let former KGB agent, Mikhail Lennikov, stay in Canada.

This, after Lennikov claimed Friday to have documents countering the government’s claim he’s a threat to national security. Dosanjh is now asking for compassion from the Tories. “We’re here at this time just before Christmas. Christmas is the season of giving and forgiveness, season of generosity, season of kindness and friendship. We embrace even the strangers.”
Lennikov was a translator with the agency in the 1980s and newly released documents show border and immigration staff are concerned he was involved in espionage – which Lennikov insists he had no involvement in.
He has spent the last six months avoiding deportation in an East Vancouver Church.