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Hitting the malls? Bring your patience as the parking wars are on

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s the last mad dash to the malls before Christmas and if you’re planning on shopping today, you better practice patience. News1130’s Dave White was circling mall parking lots in search of that perfect spot and found they were few and far between.

It’s a fine art for many – some prefer the slow stalking of a shopper returning to their vehicle, others prefer to park in the through lane and flip on the blinker.
Whichever way you do it, there must be some sort of common courtesy, right? This man doesn’t think so. “No they don’t, actually. There was a bit of a standoff one row where I was head to head with another guy and I just gave it up to him. I’m just not interested in any conflict.”
Others say the trick is going plenty early or searching the ‘nose bleed’ section of the parking lot, nobody wants to walk too far.
And a reminder from police for holiday shoppers once again this year, make sure you lock those newly bought gifts in the trunk – if parking doesn’t make you short enough, a Christmas Grinch certainly will.