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Olympic tidbits 23 days to the Games

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Olympics are taking a toll on Vancouver’s already slow film and TV industry. Film commissioners tell the Globe and Mail that the logistical challenges that come with the Games really aren’t helping right now.

But despite booked hotels and every inch of cable being sent to venues, film permits are still being issued for locations outside the city core and the Vancouver Film Office will be open through the Olympics.

Quatchi and his pals are now marching across six big, LED billboards erected by the Squamish Nation around Vancouver and the North Shore.  VANOC has bought up all the ad space on the boards and will be offering it up to Olympic corporate sponsors.

Critics are already calling for boycotts of any company that advertises on the signs, which sit along key roadways.  Some people say the signs spoil the scenery and and are a dangerous distraction to drivers.

As one pundit puts it, at least taxpayers will save a bundle on Kleenex costs.  There are apparently no nosebleed seats for guests of the provincial government during the Olympics.

The Province newspaper reports the Liberals have snapped up a lot of prime seats for the Games.  The bill is just shy of one-million bucks.  The government has said it will use the VIP suites and seating to wine and dine potential investors.

Richmond’s Ozone celebration site will be the hub of Olympic activities and shows in the city next month.
But performers do have a rule book to follow.

The code of conduct for the area around city hall has been obtained by the Richmond News and some of it may surprise you.  The portion covering no drugs, booze, fighting or bad language is simply common sense. But VANOC also won’t let any performer speak to the press without written permission and they aren’t allowed to eat or chew gum in front of audiences.