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Snowmobile Federation: Most riders use common sense

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Only a small per cent of snowmobilers take high risks.  The B.C. Snowmobile Federation says most riders use common sense when enjoying themselves.

Les Auston of the federation says for at least the last 15 years, the group and provincial government have been in talks to issue mandatory trail passes to riders, so they can receive useful information regarding avalanches.  “There’s inherited risks when using the backcountry, no matter what the form of recreation, we understand that.  It’s what we do while we’re out there.  Can we provide as much as we can so that you yourself, when out there, can look at it and say ‘You know what?  This is not for me or I need to go here, it doesn’t look safe.”

Auston says this type of trail pass is already in effect in provinces such as Ontario and Quebec and is very successful in getting the message out about unsafe riding conditions.