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New library will include lots of light, space...and books!

Now that the money has been approved, a year-long design and consultation process for a new library can begin.

Regional councillors approved a $55 million funding strategy for the new facility this week, which includes $24 million from the city, $18 million from Ottawa and $13 million from the province.

Although no plans have been drawn up, the Halifax Regional Library CEO Judith Hare says you can expect lots of natural light, more access to technology, and a 250-seat auditorium.

“The library hosts a great many author readings of course, lectures, programs of that nature,” said Hare.

It would also be a venue for small music ensembles, and, naturally, will include lots of books.

“We expect the collection to nearly double what is in the Spring Garden Road library right now,” she said.  

Hare also says there will be retail space likely including a cafe, but she’s staying tight-lipped on that possibility.

“It’s still far too early to speculate on that,” she said. “We would hope that it’s retail that is compatible with the library but it’s too soon to tell.”

Shovels are expected to hit the ground on the new facility this time next year with a scheduled 2014 opening.