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Profile: Mark Ashkinadze, Courage to Come Back Award winner

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – His band opened for “Mister Big” and the “Blue Oyster Cult” but then his music career came crashing down when he suffered a brain injury.  We continue our “Courage to Come Back” profiles, with this look at Mark Ashkinadze.

Ashkinadze went from a promising music career playing bass and touring in the 90s to being what he called trapped inside his body after an accident in 2001.

“The accident was really the straw that broke the camel’s back,” he explains.

He still has problems with his balance, coordination, and motor skills after that accident nine years ago.

An accomplished producer, bassist, and band-leader, he turned to the one thing that has always brought him joy.  “Music was my doctor and I listen to my doctor.”

“When you’re doing music you’re not worried about your illnesses or your bills or your problems.”

Today he tutors other brain injury victims and still composes music too.

He advises us those going through similar problems to never give up. “Keep trying!  Effort brings results.  Eventually life will reward you but you have to keep on trying.”

News1130 is a proud sponsor of the “Courage to Come Back” awards, which are being handed out on May 6th.