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World Cup fans show off their country colours

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Large flags, hand held ones, car flags, even a pennant string of flags representing all the countries participating…the World Cup means eager fans want to show off their pride.

Susan Braverman is the Managing Director of the Flag Shop in Vancouver.  In the lead up to the 2010 World Cup, business is brisk — typically driven by fans of Italy and Brazil, and Britons seeking St George’s cross.

Braverman says you can spend $16.95 on a car flag, or up to 60 bucks on a full size flag.

The rivalries among fans play out in the Flag Shop.  Braverman recalls Italy and Brazil wars in the store with the customers because they had more Italian flags available in different sizes than Brazil flags and the Brazilians got really upset. 

She says the explanation is simple.  The tri-colour Italian flag is easily sewn in any size, something much more complex with the Brazilian flag.  She says they were friendly rivalries, but she says it got pretty heated in the store.

They have a World Cup soccer logo flag that will be available in a couple of days.