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Blistering heat approaches record-breaking temps with more in store

The heat wave that’s baking most of eastern Canada could hang around for most of the summer.

Temperatures across Nova Scotia soared on Wednesday, coming within a degree of breaking a record in Halifax – and actually setting a new mark in Greenwood.

Although conditions here are not as extreme in southern Ontario, meterologist Richard Zurawski says it’s bad enough – and it’s sticking around.

“It’s going to stick with us for today and tomorrow,” he said. “We’re going to see a bit of a break on the weekend, but I’m suspecting we’ll see another run at the hot, hazy, humid weather coming up by the early part of next week.”

Thanks to a sky-high humidex, “feel-like” temperatures in Nova Scotia reached well into the 30s and even the 40s in parts of New Brunswick, which is under another humidex advisory today.

In Toronto, the stifling heat has reached the point where roadwork has been suspended and construction workers moved to inside jobs until the conditions cool down.

Eileen Nauss of the Red Cross says in weather like this, it’s critical to hydrate and cool off – wherever you can.

“Try to find somewhere that’s air conditioned, like a shopping centre, or the movies, somewhere that will get you out of your hot house,” she said. “Avoid alcohol and products that have caffeine, because they’re actually dehydrating. I know everybody wants to go home and put their feet up with a cold one, but it might not be smart on a day like today.”

Rain will provide some relief this weekend, but Environment Canada’s Dave Phillips says we can expect recurring heat waves through mid-August.