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Dry weather and tossed smokes causing forest fires

WEST VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It appears the summer has finally arrived in the Lower Mainland.  The hot weather is a welcome addition for most, but increased temperatures are also creating big problems for the West Vancouver Fire Department.

The dry weather has significantly increased the risk of forest fires. Assistant Chief Martin Ernst says something like a discarded cigarette butt can quickly start a brush fire.  “As the temperature rises and the humidity drops we call it the 30-30 cross over.  The closer we get to 30 degrees and the closer we get to 30 per cent humidity, things outside basically can just start to burn and something as simple as a cigarette butt thrown into a median will start a small fire.”

Ernst adds since the fire danger rating increased to high, his crew has been responding to one or two fires a day as a result of tossed cigarettes.