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Four-year-old Mastiff-Shepherd in recovery

RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – A severely-injured dog found early Monday morning is now recovering from surgery at the Richmond Animal Shelter.

Milo, a four-year old Mastiff-shepherd, was the victim of a hit-and-run and was found with compound fractures to his hind legs near the Westminster overpass by a city worker.

Sonya Kamp with the Shelter says the outlook is good for Milo but recovery will take some time. “It’s going to take about probably 12 weeks of rehabilitation in order for him to be able to walk properly again. But he is going to make a full recovery, we are hoping.”

Once Milo heals up, the Shelter can start thinking about setting him up for adoption. He has a tracking tattoo but attempts to contact the original owners have come up empty. You can help by donating to the Richmond Animal Shelter at rapsociety.com.