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The secret of a perfect summer burger

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – BBQ season is in full swing, and News1130 has some suggestions on how to add a little kick to your burger this summer.

Instead of the regular old cheese burger, why not add some international flair?

Chef extraordinaire Monda Rosenberg suggests going Greek “by mixing in some oil, dried tomato, adding a bit of feta and a good sprinkle of oregano. You can always tuck the burgers into pitas and then slap them with tzatziki or yogurt.”

Or, how about Middle East? “Add harissa, which is a hot sauce, and toast in fennel seeds. And that works well with chicken or pork.” You can add Italian spices to the meat mix, then top with pesto and fresh tomatoes or large basil leaves.

Next stop – India. “When you crack an egg into the dish before adding the mixed-in curry powder and then a little dried turmeric…or try a big spoon of chutney. Add ground beef or chicken and finely chopped coriander.” Rosenberg says wrap it in warm Naan bread and top with pickles, cucumber and sour cream.

How about Scandinavian? “You can whisk sour cream into the egg, then use ground chicken or veal and add freshly grated lemon peel…” She says a little sprinkling nutmeg and lots of freshly chopped dill and green onion will go a long way as well.