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A reward to be shared for tips in the missing women probe

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Vancouver Police Board says six people are going to share the $100,000 reward for information offered in the Missing Women probe.

The money was first offered back in May 1999, almost three years before serial killer Robert Pickton was arrested and charged with murdering sex trade workers from the Downtown Eastside. The board says it won’t release the names of the six recipients, but says some of them will receive a little money, others a lot more.

Deputy Chief Doug LePard says they decided to split up the money based on how good the tips were, and not solely on whether the information led to the arrest, since very few of the tips qualified. “But we looked at what was the quality of the information that was provided and whether it turned out to be accurate and how hard they tried, basically.  And there were a few people that came forward a long time ago in 1998 and 1999 with information that turns out to have been 100% accurate.”

Police say $70,000 of the reward will come from the Solicitor General’s Ministry and $30,000 from the VPD.

In his 450-page review of the Missing Women case, Deputy Chief Doug LePard says the force and then-mayor Philip Owen were opposed to offering a reward, but eventually relented. LePard says police were concerned the reward could generate a flood of bogus tips.