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A cleanup crew targets litterbugs on the seawall

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Heads have been turning along the English Bay seawall to three giant seals made of garbage. The garbage seals were made by the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup who are trash talking litterbugs on the beach.

The number one garbage source on the beach every year is cigarette butts.

The cleanup’s manager Jill Dwyer hopes an upcoming smoking ban at parks and beaches will change that, but the message remains the same — anything you take to the beach, bring it back from the beach.

It’s not just butts, food wrappers, and coffee cups, Dwyer says they always find unusual items including disco balls, wedding dresses and false teeth.

While the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup have a good chuckle with some of the items they also find a lot of car batteries and electronics. Dwyer says that “Although we find the wedding dress funny, the other things are problematic for obvious reasons and it shows that our shorelines are being used as dumping ground and we’d really like to see that change.”

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup runs September 18th to 26th. To sign up and help out, visit shorelinecleanup.ca. The deadline to register is September 10th.