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Police warn of contractors who threatened customers

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A group of contractors that threatened their customers with sexual assaults and bombings has, understandably, prompted a warning by Abbotsford Police.  The group claimed to have connections to the IRA.

Constable Ian MacDonald says an Abbotsford family and a Langley family contracted out pavers for as much as $13,000, but weren’t happy with the work.  In one case, the firm quit before finishing.

However, MacDonald says that didn’t stop some unknowns from phoning and demanding full payment, complete with threats.  “Harming livestock, harming persons at the residences.  In one case the caller suggested he had connections with the IRA and that if the amounts weren’t paid in full, a bombing type incident could take place.”

The threats were reported August 19 and both times the families were called from a third party cell phone.  Police won’t name the accused company because they’ve yet to connect it with the callers.