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Families of people killed by negligence want a new law

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Families of people killed by the carelessness of others say something needs to change. They are calling for the province to adopt a new law that would treat any wrongful death the same way.

Lawyer Don Renaud says current laws can leave grieving families helpless, should they sue for damages. “Only the death of bread-winners is recognized. And in the event of children, the disabled, the elderly, they are principally regarded as being valueless in the eyes of the law.”

Beatrice Pereira whose mother died from medical negligence says she hopes to see the wrongful death act in B.C. in her lifetime. “It’s a cause dear to my heart and I can’t stop because I know how much my Mom means to me and it will make her life valuable.”

Renaud says the laws are especially bad in B.C., and the province should look to Washington State and Alaska for how the system should work.