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Sellout crowd at News1130 Tweetup

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130)  Over 100 guests attended News1130’s first Tweetup at the Cactus Club on Broadway and Ash Street.  It was a chance to put some faces to the tweets, and as News1130’s Managing Editor of Web and New Media Erin Loxam says, an opportunity for you to have more than 140 characters to actually say what you feel and think about News1130.

Maurice Li came out to the sold-out event because he’s been following News1130’s Social Media Week, and wanted to put some faces to the names on the list of attendees.  “There were a ton of people I’ve been following on Twitter for awhile, and that’s the point of a Tweetup, so this turned into a real good opportunity.”

Li says he’s gone to some events that turned into de facto Tweetups. “But never an officially organized one, this is my first.”  He adds just like in real life, you’ll see people who are socially awkward and wallflowers but you’ll also see a lot of people that tweet are also very outgoing social personalities.  For the most part, there’s a lot of conversation going on, people connecting.”

Allan Alton also attended the Tweetup, and got onto Twitter as a follower. “I really have nothing of value to say, so I have never sent a tweet.  But I do want to follow some interesting themes that have value to my life.”  Alton says he follows News1130, some technology sites and people that he admires. So does he find it useful?  “Sometimes, you have to wade through it but there are little gems hidden there.”

If you missed News1130’s first Tweetup, don’t worry, more events are being considered. You can follow us @News1130Radio, @News1130Sports, and @News1130Traffic.

Check out pictures of the event from @Tawcan, @Johnbiehler and @RickChung.