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Builders using bait homes to curb theft

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You’ve heard of bait cars, so how about bait homes?  Some home builders are considering the idea in order to stop thieves from ripping them off.

It’s an idea that’s being floated in Nanaimo right now.  Night vision surveillance cameras would be installed to catch people who steal tools, appliances and even heavy machinery like backhoes from job sites.

Greater Vancouver Homebuilder’s Association President Peter Simpson says they’ve been doing that in the Lower Mainland for years with technology that’s even more advanced.  “We decided to a go a little high tech on this, so we decided to install some GPS units in the high-end appliances.”

Simpson adds there have been several cases where police have just followed the GPS directly to the thieves and busted them on the spot.

But the system isn’t perfect, he explains rip-offs still cost them millions of dollars every year.