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BC's 'Shakespearean' politics

VICTORIA (NEWS1130) – There’s been so much political drama in our province recently, one political scientist is even comparing it to The Bard’s Julius Caesar.

Uvic Social Policy Professor Dr. Michael Prince says it isn’t hard to draw the comparison. “Heroes and villians and intrigue about leaders and who’s going to fall on a sword, or not, sooner rather than later.  I mean, this is really quite the morality play we’re seeing.

Prince says the NDP is very much in danger of falling apart in a battle of different generations and different styles. “At this point, she can’t expel, I don’t think, MLAs or she will see the decimation of her own party and caucus.”

He says James is doing about all she can do; calling an emergency meeting to hash things out behind closed doors and hopefully taking the infighting out of public view.