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Clark queried on her personal life

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Incoming premier Christy Clark is already being asked about her dating life.

“Are you going to have time to get into a relationship?” queried a reporter. But did he cross the line?

Chair of Women Studies at SFU Catherine Murray says the question was disappointing but not surprising. “And it’s unfortunate. I had hoped we were getting beyond that. I think the challenge has to be thrown to some of the journalists to also really lighten up a bit here,” she contends.

She says Clark can expect more personal questions for the foreseeable future, but topics she’ll be grilled about will eventually come down to politics.

And how do your average British Columbians feel about that line of questioning? “I think that’s personal,” “I think it’s inappropriate,” and “I don’t think it applies to her politics at all,” were some of the responses given to News1130 when we hit the streets with that question.