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Lifting "tied houses" ban wouldn't hurt industry: BCRFA

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It might have been bad news for bars and restaurants years ago, but now the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association says lifting a ban on “tied houses” won’t be bad for the industry.

President Ian Tostenson says it probably wouldn’t matter if breweries were suddenly allowed to own a pub and exclusively serve their products.

“Social networking and consumer preferences say ‘Hey, you’ve got great beers, Labatt and Molsons,’ but there are some great beers from other parts of the world that we, as consumers, would want,” he says. “And they would be ultimately driven by consumers. So, the model wouldn’t work.”

He adds if a ban on a brewery owning a pub is lifted, it doesn’t mean a big company could significantly discount their beer anyway. “Now there’s such a preponderance of import beers and micro-brew beers that’s listed right now; the consumers would never put up with that.”

The Liquor Control and Licensing Branch is debating the long-standing ban on this issue.