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Technology can track down dog owners who leave the poop

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Call it “canine CSI” to track down poop perpetrators.

No one likes stepping in the little presents left by lazy dog owners. “They’ve done it on my property,” says one angry homeowner in Vancouver.

“I’ve actually made a woman go home and get a bag to clean it. I didn’t even provide a bag for her,” she says. “Absolutely, I confront them!”

But the hated little poop left in parks, on trails, sidewalks, and front lawns everywhere can now be tracked. A town in Spain has set up a DNA database to track down owners who allow their pets to mess in streets and parks without cleaning it up. A bylaw forces dog owners to register their pet’s DNA for a municipal dog census.  

‘Deposits’ in the street will be collected and sent to a lab, matches will be tracked down, and the owner fined $400. “People should not have to suffer this filth,” says Marian Beitialarrangoitia, the mayor of Hernani, who introduced the initiative.