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NDP last to release party platform

TORONTO (NEWS1130) – Jack Layton says the NDP saved the best for last.  The New Democratic Party is the last national party to release its platform.  

Layton has released a five-part party platform to launch in his first 100 days in office.

A senior NDP spokesperson says this election platform is a mix of new plans and things they’ve been working toward in Parliament.

The party says their  priorities include hiring more doctors, boosting public pensions and capping credit card rates. Layton says he also wants to cut taxes for the job creators. “We’re going to give a tax cut to the small businesses in this country that create most of the work. We’re going to provide targeted tax credits that reward companies for every single new hire that they make.”

The plan calls for a balanced budget in four years. The New Democrats also say they will spend more on transit.

Also in the NDP platform is a plan to limit the power of the prime minister to shut down Parliament and a cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gases, instead of imposing a carbon tax.