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Report may suggest Harper gov't broke law

OTTAWA (NEWS1130) – The Auditor General will not be releasing a controversial G8 Summit funding report that may suggest the government has broken the law.

A leaked chapter of a draft copy shows that Sheila Fraser concludes the ‘government misinformed Parliament over a $50 million fund.’

The Opposition parties call the revelation shocking and disturbing.  The draft finds Minister Tony Clement may have led the Mayor of Huntsville and the manager of the Deerhurst Resort hand-picked projects that would get federal funding.

Conservative cabinet minister John Baird says it’s just an early draft and later copies are far different.  “That the phrase ‘Parliament was misinformed’ is not contained in the next draft of the report.”

All parties are calling for the report to be released but the Auditor General says she’s only allowed to provide her documents to Parliament and since we’re in an election campaign, she is not allowed to make findings public.