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Canucks run brings bigger restaurant/bar boom than Olympics

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It has been bigger than the Olympics.

BC restaurants have been pulling in up to $2 million on game nights now that the Canucks are in the third round. And the reason?  “Because it is province wide!” says Ian Tostenson, president of the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association.

“[With the] Olympics, a lot of people stayed at home,” he explains. “I mean, if you were in the downtown core of Vancouver, you did well. But if you weren’t, restaurants didn’t do that well during the Olympics. They are now, because everyone is rooting for the Canucks!”

Tostenson says the playoffs have also helped offset some of the losses businesses saw with the HST and new drinking and driving laws.

“I talked to an owner last night who said that even on Sunday his restaurant/bar was absolutely packed two hours before the game. He said he has never seen anything like that on a Sunday before,” he says.