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Second coldest spring all-time on Lower Mainland

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It has been a long line up at the weather complaints kiosk for the past couple of months, and these numbers verify your suspicions that it has been a miserable spring in the Lower Mainland.

On the heels of an April that was the second coldest of all time the frigid weather continued through May as well.  Ninety-one millimeters of rain makes this month one-third wetter than average, although it falls just outside of the top ten wettest ever. 

Of course, the temperature remained well below seasonal normals, averaging just 11.1 degrees each day, making it the sixth coldest May on record. 

And when you put them back-to-back, April-May 2011 almost set the standard!  It has been the second coldest spring of all time, just one-tenth of a degree milder than 1955!