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UBC hospice opponents refuse to compromise

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It doesn’t appear people living in a UBC high-rise are willing to compromise on where a hospice will be built.

Some are fearful of living near dying people and don’t think they should have to move. The university is planning to build the hospice near the Promontory Tower.

Jane Ni has lived there almost six years and says a fear of being near dying people is an old Chinese belief, not something easily changed and something she claims UBC didn’t take it seriously enough. “This is deep, like religion.  It’s not like playing [a] game.  If you want to stop [a game] you can stop it right away.”
Ni says she will move if the hospice is built but others say the hospice should simply go up on another site on campus. The UBC Board of Governors is expected to green-light the project next week.