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Vancouver baker cheers on the Canucks dessert-style

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Most people wear a jersey or hang a white towel. But some fans take their love and hope for the Canucks just a little bit further.

There are the Canuck-mobiles, houses decked out in Canuck colours, logos shaved on heads, even full-on tattoos. But Annette Siu at Swiss Bakery near Main and 3rd in Vancouver had a vision: the Canucks and the Stanley Cup — gluten-free Stanley Cup!

“We used a decorative bread so basically there is no yeast in there,” she explains. “It’s just a mix of light flour and rye flour. There’s no gluten so we can mold it like Playdoh.”

It stands about two feet high, baked to perfection in fine detail. Mmm… Stanley!