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Harper speech ignites Conservative supporters

OTTAWA, Ont. – More than 3,000 Conservative supporters gathered in Ottawa Friday evening to hear Prime Minister Stephen Harper give a prime-time address.

During his speech, Harper outlined the path the Conservatives took from a minority to majority government, examined the budget and tackled Canada’s role on the international stage.

Speaking at the Conservative party policy convention, Harper said it’s time Canada stops taking a backseat in international affairs.

“(Our) purpose is no longer just to go along and get along with everybody else’s agenda,” Harper said. “It’s no longer to please every dictator with a vote at the United Nations.”

The prime minister also took time to reaffirm the results of the election and reiterate the success of the Tories.

“This is the message from May 2, Conservative values are Canada’s values, and the Conservative party is Canada’s party,” Harper said.

He also congratulated the delegates attending the convention, and said the best days of the Conservative party are still ahead.

“Work hard, stay focused on our strong mandate, continue to earn the trust of the Canadian people, and our party’s best days still lie ahead,” Harper said.

Harper also took the opportunity to take a shot at the opposition, saying the Liberals learned all they have from George Costanza. He also warned their “honeymoon” with the New Democratic Party wouldn’t last long.