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Playoffs prove important for Canuck Place

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The playoffs have been a big boost for Canuck Place both in spirit and from a financial point of view. It has put the hospice on the minds of many who have opened their hearts and their wallets.

Game days mean a lot to the children and their families says CEO Filomena Nalewajek.

“We watch the games, we have the TV’s on and the children and the families, staff and volunteers huddle around and watch the game. We have a brief time where we can forget about the woes and the worries and the challenges…and really focus on the excitement.”

Tens of thousands of dollars have been up for grabs at the 50/50 draws which benefit the hospice, she also says many companies and other groups have stepped forward and that has been encouraging.

“It’s been really wonderful that way because we do need those funds in order to continue to provide the services that we do. The funds are coming in more so now than they do at other times of the year because of this wonderful run for the Stanley Cup.”