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Mayoral candidate against urban wheat

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – First it was chicken coops, then it was vegetable gardens at City Hall.

A candidate for mayor is speaking out over a plan that could see front lawns turned into wheat farms.

The NPA’s Suzanne Anton calls it another one of Gregor Robertson’s “green schemes.” She says she’s all for green ideas that are useful, but thinks this one is just too bizarre — right up there with homeless chicken shelters.

“What I cannot support is the proposal that we give an organization money to experiment with growing wheat on people’s front lawns. This is just goofy.  If people want to grow wheat on their front lawns, I’m all for that, but taxpayers should not be supporting it.

As part of a larger green grants proposal, city council is considering a $5,000 pilot project that it hopes will show front lawn wheat production can be done.

It’s not a lot of money — but Anton still says it’s a waste.

Vision Councillor Andrea Reimer says Anton has voted with council to support the green initiatives.
“In 2009 and 2010 she supported the allocations of money in both cases to entirely food projects that came from community initiatives.”

Reimer says the wheat proposal is something a lot of people have shown interest in, and feels Anton’s comments are part of a partisan attack.

Do you or someone you know have an interest in growing wheat in Vancouver? Call us at 604-873-6397.