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This summer is all about the 'smartcation'

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – As the economy slowly picks up so do people’s vacation plans.  “Staycations” are out and “smartcations” are in.  And that means people are finding creative ways to squeeze the most possible value out of their summer getaways.

Travel expert Pauline Frommer says a growing number of travellers plan to take a short vacation of four days or less this summer.  “That, surprisingly, value for the dollar was the number one thing, but natural beauty came next.  People, I think, have this real desire to get out and into nature.”

She expects a lot of people from around North America to come to BC this summer.  “In terms of what they’re spending, 65 per cent are saying they are going to spend the same amount or more than last year.”

After a few summers of staycations, she says people want to get out and start exploring again.