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Google tries to take on Facebook with Google Plus

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Social media users will soon have another option to share their posts, pictures, and opinions.

Google, the worlds most popular search engine, is launching a new social networking site creators hope will rival Facebook. The new site will be called Google+ and representatives say the internet giant is hoping new and private ways to share information will draw in users.

“We believe in providing users with transparency and meaningful choices.” says Wendy Rozeluk with Google. “We recently implemented a new internal process to ensure that all of our products have high privacy standards.”

The new site will allow users to put their contacts in separate groups, called “circles” and designate specific content to a specific circle.

“You can organize as many and as few people as you’d like,” explains Roseluk. “It’s the groups of people that you want to share with – like family, co-workers, cycling buddies.”

“There are things that I share with my very best friends that I wouldn’t really share with acquaintances or with my co-workers to it’s nice to be able to share your thoughts with the right people,” she adds.

Roseluk says to ensure privacy, users are never informed of what circle they have been put into, nor the title of the circle.

Those who are not Google+ users will be informed through email that content has been shared with them.  They can then sign up for the service or simply look at the shared content through a link.

Google has not announced an official launch date for Google+.