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Police noticing rise in online child luring

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Police in BC are noticing a disturbing rise in online child luring and say parents need to be watchful.

A teacher on-call in Summerland has recently been charged with luring a child using and computer and invitation to sexual touching.

Sergeant Bev Csikos with the Integrated Child Exploitation Team says they are dealing with more online sexual advances towards children.

She guesses it has something to do with where children are keeping their computers. “In my professional opinion, I would venture to say that there are more and more kids that are having their computers in their bedrooms.  That is nothing but [spelling] the word danger.  If your child has a computer in their bedroom I don’t know what’s so inherently private that they could be doing that it needs to be in that bedroom.”

Csikos says on any given day, their two undercover online officers are each dealing with up to six people a day who could be charged with child luring.