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New local technology to help detect lung cancer

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Local researchers have developed new technology to help detect lung cancer.  The positive findings are part of a pilot project which started four years ago.

The new method will tell doctors if any lesions on the lung could lead to something serious like cancer and whether a biopsy is called for.

Michael Short with the BC Cancer Research Centre explains a laser shines on the lung, and the colours that show up tell doctors if the area is infected.

“It takes the subjective decision-making away from the doctor and puts it in the hands of an objective measurement.  It tells the doctor if this is going to be a serious disease or not.”

Not all lesions necessarily mean trouble for the patient.  “These diseases can be transient or they could clear up naturally on their own.”

To confirm the results of the project, the findings will now be expanded into a larger study.  Short says similar technology is now being developed for the colon.