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Avoid getting burnt out, use your vacation days

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Many offices are running at half-capacity with staff on summer vacation.  While many Canadian employers are required to give their full-time workers at least 10 days off, some other countries would turn their nose up at that number.

In Russia, Sri Lanka and Lithuania employees are given 28 days off.  In Finland and the UK people are given five weeks off every year.

Margaret Tebbutt with the Canadian Mental Health Association says it is sad to know that many people in this country don’t even take advantage of their two weeks off.  She adds that if people don’t take enough time off they could get burnt out.

“It is important to take that vacation, rest, perhaps have some different experiences.  Come back with fresh ideas and likely we will be much more productive.”

Tebbutt explains bosses should really lead by example.  “If leaders in an organization never take their vacation, what message are they sending to their staff as to what is valued in that workplace?”

Things could be worse, American employers are required to give zero days off.