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Drivers less respectful than five years ago: Survey

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Drivers are behaving badly and it seems to just be the new reality on our roads.  A new survey from the Canadian Automobile Association shows drivers are giving each other less respect that they used to.

The most annoying habits were road rage, cutting off other drivers, talking on their phone and tailgating.

“The good news is these are all correctable behaviors. If we concentrate more on good driving habits, and on being courteous to fellow motorists, we will all benefit,” says Jeff Walker with the CAA.

More than 5,000 were surveyed and they said people they shared the road with are ruder than what they were just five years ago.

“There isn’t any [good drivers] any more.  Nobody will let you in.  People cut you off and the list just goes on and on.  I sometimes wonder where the people got their license from,” says one frustrated driver.

Dealing with a jerk is bad enough, but the CAA is also concerned any rude behaviour could lead to road rage that could cause injuries or death.

Most annoying habits
– Road Rage (86 per cent)
– Cutting people off (86per cent)
– Texting while driving (85 per cent)
– Tailgating (78 per cent)
– Talking on the phone (78 per cent)
– Throwing trash out the window (73 per cent)
– Not using turn signals (73 per cent)
– Too aggressive (72 per cent)
– Blocking intersections (67 per cent)
– Speeding (62 per cent)
– Constantly changing lanes (59 per cent)
– Parking too close to others (54 per cent)