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Getting your realtor to work for you and your home

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Flat-fee brokerage that opens up access to the Multiple Listing Service has been around now for about nine months.  One expert recommends you interview several realtors, before hiring one to sell your place.

“There are some homes that are $2 to $3 million homes in Vancouver that have one photograph and they have a lawn sign and that’s basically the extent of the marketing,” says Ross McCredie with Sotheby’s International Canada.

He adds that is not enough to justify the fees of a traditional realtor and with the introduction of flat-fee brokerage, he says sellers should expect more.  “If you’re listing your home you want to understand that whatever you’re paying, you commission, and you should be looking for the greatest exposure for your home.”

“Whoever is going to market and sell the home, they should absolutely detail every single thing they’re going to do to locally market the home, nationally market the home and internationally market the home.  A lawn sign and MLS is simply not making the grade,” McCredie explains.

He believes flat-fee brokerage will eventually thin the herd as owners preparing to list homes start to expect more from their clients.