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Elections Canada wants to modernize voting process

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – What do you think about voting online and finding out election results before the polls close in other regions?

The head of Elections Canada says its time to change with the times and overhaul the entire voting process. Marc Mayrand adds the limited flexibility of the current Elections Act does not meet the evolving needs of voters. In a new report, he says he’s been looking into Internet voting as a convenient way to cast a ballot.

The next federal election isn’t until 2015, but Mayrand wants to test out the process in a by-election held in 2013.

About 60 per cent of Canadians voted in the last federal election. The report says three factors stop people from voting: apathy, inconvenience, and administrative barriers.

Mayrand also suggests the rise of social media makes it very difficult to enforce the ban on publishing results before the polls close across the country, and Ottawa needs to revoke the rule. A social media campaign held during the last federal election encouraged people to break the rule.