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A 5.9 earthquake hits East coast

WASHINGTON, DC (NEWS1130) – The epicentre of this morning’s 5.9 magnitude earthquake was in Virginia but it was felt as far away as northern Ontario.

Buildings were evacuated from Sudbury to Fredericton.

News1130’s sister station in Toronto, 680News, was flooded with calls.

“My curtains started moving and then I felt like I was in a rocking chair,” says one woman.

A man working at a marina says, “Even the water got rough down here.”

Roz was working at an office building in Vaughn, ON.  “The building kind of moved and we were getting woozy. I was holding on to my desk,” she says.

Most say the shaking lasted 15 or 20 seconds.

Kimberley White is in Sudbury, some 900 kilometres from the epicentre.

“The whole downtown area, all the government buildings, have all been evacuated,” she says. “There are cops at every intersection downtown blocking off the whole area.”

In Washington, some monuments, homes, businesses, and even the area’s National Cathedral were damaged.

Fire crews there say many people are hurt, but no one seriously.