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Still a lot of challenges with online voting: Elections BC

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Many cities have been calling for online voting to be available during elections starting in 2014, but that may be a lofty goal.

A discussion paper by Elections BC says there are still a ton of kinks that need to be worked out. The main issue is still security, and UBC internet security expert Richard Rosenberg agrees.

“The widespread use of online voting is a long way off as it has been for several years now. It’s very difficult to ensure the systems in use are accurate and haven’t been compromised either accidentally… or on purpose.”

But there is the argument that other countries are using the system just fine.

“Some of them do not have as strong of a tradition of democracy as we are familiar with,” says Rosenberg. “I’m not criticizing, saying they are dictatorships… but we have strong traditions that have to be taken into account.”