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Think twice about kids and electronics at school

ABBOTSFORD (NEWS1130) – It might be a good idea to think twice about what gadgets you let your child bring to school.

Constable Ian MacDonald with the Abbotsford Police says the electronics kids carry around these days are far more expensive than those lugged about by the previous generation.

“Kids are carrying around thousands of dollars worth of communication and audio-visual devices in the palm of their hand.  Our suggestion and of course, it’s to comply with the rules of the school but to be from a safety standpoint, to recognize the value of those items and treat them accordingly.”

MacDonald adds that schools are generally pretty good about preventing problems in the classroom, but he explains the problems happen outside of school.

“Where we see more of those types of incidents is on the to-and-from destination points.  So even over the summer, it could be to and from the mall, it could be going through a park.”