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TransLink fails to alert app users about SkyTrain problem

LOWER MAINLAND (NEWS1130) – Those who subscribe to TransLink‘s mobile app system never knew there was a massive SkyTrain problem this morning because an alert was never issued.

That’s because the people who send out that information were not available that early in the morning, despite the fact that many begin their commute around 5 a.m.

Drew Snider with the Transporation Authority says they are working on the problem. “Working on having it staffed in the future during those off hours so that we are able to cover off the email alerts.”

“We did have the media alerts out, we had the alerts on our big screens, we were using Twitter… so there were other means we were using to get that and the email alerts, unfortunately, was one that we were not able to cover this time.”

“We apologize for that,” he adds. “That was a problem with our own system in getting that message out there. It is handled by customer information and they don’t get out there until 6:30 a.m.”

SkyTrain service was shut down on the Expo Line between King George and Royal Oak and on the Millennium Line between Braid and Columbia. Commuters south of the Fraser were therefore forced to either drive or use a bus bridge this morning.