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Clifford Olson dying of cancer

LAVAL, QC (NEWS1130) – One of BC’s most notorious child killers is dying of cancer. Clifford Robert Olson has been transferred to a hospital in Laval, Quebec.

The word came today from Sharon Rosenfeldt, whose young son was killed by Olson.  Rick Howe with our sister station News95.7 in Halifax spoke with her this morning. “I asked her if she’d heard the news, and she’d indicated yes.  Her son was one Clifford Olson’s victims.  She’d indicated that this was all very overwhelming and brought back memories and issues like that.”

Rosenfeldt’s son Daryn was abducted and murdered by Olson in 1981.  She says Olson has spent years taunting the family of his victims with media stunts and repeated requests for parole.

“To the point that even right now I still don’t have a trust that it will be over.  I’m so used to feeling like that.  I guess I’ve worn the Olson name for 30 years.  I’ve worn it like a cold or necklace.  It’s always been there.”

The victims’ families have been told the killer has just days to live. Raymond King Sr. says he got a phone call from Corrections Canada yesterday, informing him of Olson’s worsening condition. “He was moved to the hospital for an indeterminate amount of time. They just tell you when he’s going to be away from the jail.”

“I think it’s going to close a few doors when he dies, and maybe we can start getting on with our lives again,” he explains. His son, Ray Jr., was bludgeoned with a rock in the summer of 1981; his body was then dumped in the woods near Alpine Lake.

The father says the last time he saw Olson was at his parole hearing last year. “He seemed a lot jerkier than he was the last time we saw him before that; a little bit out of his mind. But that’s the way he is.”

“He seemed to be okay. Then, I guess the last couple of months, he’s been going out of the jail every two weeks for treatment.”

In 1982, Olson confessed to killing 11 young people in BC, and one of the victims was as young as nine-years-old.  He was sentenced to 11 concurrent life sentences.

Last year, the 71-year-old killer was denied parole and said he would never apply again.