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Harper's crime bill waste of time and money: Opposition

OTTAWA (NEWS1130) – There’s more criticism today of the Harper government’s omnibus crime bill tabled in the House of Commons yesterday. Many are saying it’s a waste of time and money.

The new legislation includes measures to protect children from sex offenders, targets organized crime, and cracks down on young offenders. The opposition says it won’t support the bill because the national crime rate has actually been on the decline, according to Statistics Canada.

A US study also shows that locking people up for longer periods of time doesn’t act as a deterrent to crime.

NDP justice critic Joe Comartin feels the tougher sentencing rules would land thousands more people in provincial and federal prisons and impose huge additional costs on governments across Canada. He says the bill focuses on incarceration rather than crime prevention.

Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae argues the government has provided no cost estimate of the legislation and hasn’t provided any evidence that it will improveĀ  public safety.

The John Howard Society says that “blindly following failed American policies is not in the interest of Canadians.”