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Word Clifford Olson has terminal cancer brings lots of anger

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – So much anger; news of Clifford Olson‘s terminal cancer has unleashed a shocking amount of vitriol from people right across the country.

Word the serial child killer may have just days left to live quickly became the most commented-upon topic this week on this website. Most of the many pages of comments are harsh, wishing the 71-year-old Olson a difficult death  — many saying he should have been gone long ago, if only the death penalty were brought back.

Barry L. writes “I consider myself to be civilized and tolerant. I realize we make major mistakes because, after all, we are human. But in this case, I sincerely hope Olson’s death is a long, tedious, sssllllooooowwww, and painful experience. In memory of the children this monster murdered.”

“Karma has been a long time coming,” writes Gene.

Dean says, “This sounds awful, but I hope his death is long and painful. He deserves it for what he did to those poor kids.”

Jay professes to have connections to Olson and friends who were approached. “I hope his remaining breaths will be filled with pain … no mercy for his soul.”

One anonymous comment simply says, “Burn in HELL.”

In 1982, Olson confessed to killing 11 young people in BC. He was sentenced to 11 concurrent life sentences.