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Mission in Libya may be extended

OTTAWA, ON. (NEWS1130) – The extension to the military mission in Libya is being debated today in the House of Commons.  The current mandate ends tomorrow, but the Conservative Government wants our troops to stay in the region for another three months.

NDP Defence Critic Jack Harris says his party will be fighting this and adds there is no point keeping Canadian soldiers involved over there.  “The threat from the [Moammar] Gadhafi regime against civilians has dissipated.  The National Transitional Council took Libya’s seat at the United Nations.”

However, Parliamentary Secretary to the Defence Chris Alexander believes Canada has to finish what it started.  “You don’t want to release the pressure on someone like Gadhafi at the moment when we have a serious advantage over him.”

Canada will also take part in the UN mission providing humanitarian aid and helping the Libyan people set-up a proper government.