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Could the old Port Mann become a park?

SURREY (NEWS1130) –  Imagine the views from a green oasis on a steel superstructure where tens of thousands of cars and trucks rumble through everyday. Metro manager Gaeten Royer pitched the idea of turning the old Port Mann Bridge into a public park at a Metro Vancouver presentation yesterday.

Gayle Martin is Chair of the Regional Parks Committee and was there when Royer discussed the idea. “He did have a picture of other examples that he had seen. Maybe that is where he got the idea from. He clearly stated that this is just an idea. He is definitely thinking outside the box.”

Royer showed the crowd a photo-shopped version of the Port Mann, complete with trees and a plaza in the centre of the span. Martin says there’s Surrey-owned land on the east side of the bridge which could be the entrance to a new Port Mann park.   

Currently, when the new bridge is finished, the province wants to demolish the old bridge.

In San Francisco, two architects proposed turning the old Bay bridge into an urban park and in New York City they have turned a railway viaduct into the very popular Highland Park.