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Poli-sci prof says don't occupy art gallery; occupy polls!

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If people really want to make change in the world, they should vote in the municipal election next month instead of sleeping outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. Those sentiments are coming from a political science professor at the University of Victoria.

It will be years before we can vote for change at the federal or provincial level. But next month, Janni Aragon says we can make a difference in the issues that affect our day to day lives. “In terms of unconventional political participation, which we see with this Occupy movement.”

“This is important,” she adds. “Phone calling, going to town halls, writing letters to your representatives, your elected officials, blogging… so-called new media and the legacy media are also important.”

She feels many young people taking part in these protests are always under-represented at the polls and change starts at the local level. “People need to vote with their feet.”

“I mean I know it is not as sexy voting during a municipal election as opposed to a provincial or federal election, but we need to make sure that city councils, mayors, and school boards offer a wide array of different people on these slates so that the difference can be [worked out] later.”