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Voters scrapped HST for personal gain: Poll

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Forget the BC economy. A poll suggests people voted to scrap the HST to save themselves a few bucks.

Fifty per cent of those polled say scrapping the tax helps their personal financial situation. Only 13 per cent they’d be better off personally if the HST had passed.

Mario Canseco with Angus-Reid says this shows people voted with their minds on their own money, not the economy.

He says it also shows Liberal voters weren’t all that supportive of the tax. “Seventy-six per cent of NDP voters in the last election voted ‘yes’, so three out of four. But when you look at the Liberals only two out of three voted ‘no’ so you have a third of BC Liberals who voted ‘yes’.”

Canseco if the Liberals did a better job of getting the vote out, the HST probably wouldn’t have been turfed.