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Civic Election Spotlight: North Shore

NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Development, densification, taxation and affordability are hot button issues right across the North Shore, but the race for the mayor’s chair is not much of a race at all in West Vancouver or the District of North Vancouver.

West Van’s Michael Smith has already been acclaimed as mayor, with incumbent Pamela Goldsmith-Jones not running again. The former councillor is a fiscal conservative determined to run a very tight economic ship. He wants to amalgamate the North Shore’s three fire services.

In North Vancouver District, incumbent Richard Walton is running for mayor again contested only by Margie Goodman, a citizen who’s made a point of doing only enough to get her name on the ballot. The token candidate has actually told people to not vote for her. Taxes and amalgamating the two North Vancouvers are two longtime issues in the district.

The only real contest for mayor on the North Shore is in the City of North Vancouver. Incumbent Darrell Mussatto feels development and affordability for are big issues. He promises to redevelop the waterfront, the foot of Lonsdale Avenue and the National Maritime Centre site, along with the rejuvenation of the Harry Jerome Recreation Centre.

Mussatto is seeking a third term as North Van City mayor, challenged by Chris “Kit” Nichols, Ron Polly, and George Pringle.

Nichols wants fiscal responsibility, Polly wants to clamp down on developers and Pringle is anti-development and pro-owner and renter rights.

City of North Vancouver

Mayoral candidates:

Darrell Mussatto (incumbent and ambulance paramedic): Running on record, sustainability, affordability, accessibility for seniors. Has been mayor for two terms and was a councillor for four terms

Kit Nichols (residential home designer): Fiscally conservative platform, accountability, no “green” at cost of education and health services. Sees city as a service business.

Ron Polly (self employed): Wants to keep charm, character and quality of life in North Vancouver, feels too many taxes squeezing families. Promises to tightly manage development with no special deals or one-on-one meetings with developers.

George Pringle (apartment manager): Advocate for owner and tenant rights, no density transfers for developers, no amending OCP.  Wants a three-year tax freeze and to cut “luxuries” like sister city designations, council/staff dinners, wants pay cut for mayor. Wants to amalgamate city and district.

Note: Don Bell (former MP, district mayor, etc.) running for city council.


Development (especially waterfront), density, secondary suites, affordable housing for young families and seniors, rejuvenated rec centres, and taxation.

District of North Vancouver
Mayoral candidates:

Richard Walton (incumbent): Touts long term vision and policy, environmental stewardship with economic sense and value for tax dollars, balancing social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Margie Goodman (citizen): Has only done enough to get her name on the ballot. Token effort. Not a serious contender.


Taxation, school closures, amalgamation of district and city.

District of West Vancouver
Mayoral candidates:

Mike Smith (already acclaimed – incumbent Pam Goldsmith-Jones not running): Has blasted previous mayor and councils for fiscal irresponsibility and wants to stop huge cost overruns. Tight management.  Wants to amalgamate North Shore fire services.

Development,  growth, revitalization/densification of Ambleside, maintaining services and infrastructure without increasing taxes, affordable housing for seniors and young families.